Hope Animal Clinic offers full service grooming through Tail Waggers Grooming, owned and operated by Terri Goldsmith. Terri and her staff provide same day grooms at a reasonable price. Appointments are necessary.

We offer the following:

  • Full-breed specific and mixed-breed grooms
  • Bath and Tidy which maintains the feet, eyes, potty area, ears, and nails
  • Bath and hand dry for coats that need to be fluffed or stretched out
  • Deluxe baths for every pet, using clarifying shampoo, coat-specific shampoo and conditioner
  • Medicated shampoo and skin treatments
  • Stand-alone services include nail trim, potty trim, face trim, or feet trim only – no appointment needed for these services
  • Spa services include paw pad waxing for brittle pad and nails, conditioning treatment for dry hair, de-shed treatment for undercoats, and whitening treatment for light colored coats
  • Color services using pet safe hair color
  • Periodic pet-owner education classes providing grooming tips and education.

Our goal is to provide grooming services as needed by our clients in an environment that is safe and secure for your pets. Our groomers are well trained and attend continuing education classes to keep up-to-date on the newest treatments and tools.

We seek to please each and every client, so if you have a special cut, please feel free to provide pictures.

Please call Hope Animal Clinic at 205-426-2828 to set up your pet’s grooming appointments.