Happenings At Hope

We now offer endoscopy!

Our endoscope has a long flexible tube with a light and video camera. With this new equipment, our veterinarians can view your pet’s stomach, small intestine, colon, lung and/or bladder. We can take biopsies and even retrieve objects your pet may have swallowed using endoscopy–all without doing surgery! Here are just a few benefits of endoscopy over traditional surgery:

  • lower cost
  • low pain
  • low stress on the body
  • low risk of complications
  • quick recover time

Endoscopy is just another way Hope Animal Clinic seeks to provide your pet the very best in medical care at a reasonable price. Come see us for all your pet’s medical needs.

Laser therapy is here!

Laser therapy uses low level red and infrared light to alleviate pain and inflammation, to increase circulation, to reduce scar tissue, to reduce swelling, and to stimulate nerve and cell regeneration needed in tissue repair. Pets treated with laser therapy show a 33% reduction in healing time. Our trained staff uses laser therapy for post-surgical incision care, arthritis pain and much more. Laser therapy is just another way Hope Animal Clinic seeks to provide the very BEST in veterinary care!

If you would like a more thorough understanding of how laser therapy works, watch the video below provided by K-Laser USA.