Dog Training

LogoColorTextBelowHope Animal Clinic offers dog training classes through Stacey Shamburger of Dominion Dog Training. Whether you need help with a new puppy or an older dog, Dominion Dog Training offers classes that will make your relationship with your pet more rewarding for both of you!

Classes are reasonably priced with some courses including a 1/2 price discount for a second dog coming from the same household.

To register for Dog Training classes, click here to fill out the online form, and call Stacey Shamburger at 205-427-0723 to confirm available class dates and times. You can also visit their website for more information about Dominion Dog Training.

Meet the Trainer

Stacey Shamburger – Trainer
stacey___rottiesStacey has 11 years of dog training experience with an emphasis on formal obedience training. She has a life-long love of dogs and a passion to ensure all family dogs are well-balanced companions for their families. Her experience includes being a trainer with Capitol Dog Training Club – Silver Spring, Md. Stacey became involved with this obedience club for her Rottweiler, Kita. Stacey was involved at various levels at the club, ranging from training assistance during classes, administrative duties, as well as, obedience trial duties. Stacey became further involved by training basic and advanced basic courses to the public through the club and competing in obedience trials. Stacey was also involved with Birmingham Obedience Training Club, where she taught basic and advanced basic courses to the general public and BOTC members, and continued in competitive obedience and rally. She has completed 2 CD’s and 2 RN’s and won a variety of awards within the Southeast. She also was the club’s Public Relations Director and the Co-Director of Training. Stacey is a Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Rottweiler Breed Club, and an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator. Stacey has also had the opportunity to meet and learn from Cesar Millan, the “Dog Whisperer”.

Classes Offered at Hope Animal Clinic

Dog Psychology/Behavior Orientation – Included in the Puppy Program and Basic

The first class of your Puppy or Basic I course is our Orientation, where only the owners attend (No Dogs attend this class). During this class, we teach you about the basics of dog psychology and behavior. We do this so you can learn to understand how your dog thinks and interprets your behavior. Understanding the basic constitution of a dog will help you to more effectively train your dog to listen and learn.

Right Start Puppy Program – 5-week program (5 1-hour sessions) – $195*

Our puppy program helps you learn how to raise a healthy, well-balanced puppy. We cover socialization, basic obedience, potty training, and other puppy development behaviors. No puppies the first night of class (orientation). Puppies 3 months – 6 months (may vary due to your vet’s vaccination schedule).

Basic Obedience – 5-week program (5 1-hour sessions) – $195*

Our “Instinctual Learning” method teaches you how to be a good pack leader by learning the fundamentals of controlling, not dominating, your dog through a variety of basic exercises. We work with you and your dog to master the walk, sit, down, stay, and come commands. We also customize each class based upon each client’s specific issues or behavioral problems. No dogs the first night of class (orientation). Dogs 3 months and up.

AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Course – 5-week program (5 1-hour sessions) – $195

This AKC’s two-part program stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. It is a great course for your dog to become a better community member or prepare for therapy work. Your dog will be able to get his/her 10-step CGC certification to become an outstanding canine citizen. Prerequisite: Basic Obedience, or trainer evaluation. Dogs 6 months and up.

Private Hands-On Training – In-Facility and In-Home Sessions Available

If you have specific behavioral issues or a conflicting schedule with the above classes, then private instruction may be best for you. We work with you and your dog to determine the source of the behavioral/psychological problem and work with you to correct it. We give you instructions on how to continue working with your dog to maintain or further your success. In-Home and In-Facility privates are priced based upon your needs and the number of dogs we are working with to resolve your concerns. We try to be flexible in scheduling sessions at the most convenient time for all parties. Pricing begins at $75 an hour; however, this may be adjusted based upon your dog’s needs.

* For the Right Start Puppy and the Basic Obedience I classes – Bring a 2nd dog from the same household, and the 2nd dog is 1/2 off the regular price.